Installation Procedures

See installation video on this page.

Download a printable copy of the Installation Instructions.


  • Install well braced corner posts.
  • For 4-wire el430-24-660, measure 17" above ground and install high quality corner insulators starting at 17" and then every 10" (top strand should be 47" above ground).
  • For 5-wire el540-24-660, measure 10" above the ground and install high-quality corner insulators starting at 10" above the ground and then every 10". (top strand should be 50" above ground)
  • For fiberglass corner rod installation on 4-wire fence (optional) drill 5/8" diameter hole in corner post 21" above ground and 48" above ground. insert 5/8" x 10" eye bolt into corner post. install 36" fiberglass sucker post through eyebolts and pin at top with cotter pin. this eliminates the use of insulators as sucker post is "non" conductive.
  • For fiberglass corner rod installation on 5-wire fence (optional) drill 5/8" diameter hole in corner post 7" above ground, 35" above ground, and 53" above ground. insert 5/8" x 10" diameter eye bolts into corner posts. pull wire past corner post. install 5 or 6' fiberglass post of 1" diameter or greater through eye bolts and drive into ground. it may be necessary to clip one stay off of horizontal wires to allow wire to continue to roll during final tensioning process. since the rod is driven into the ground, it is not necessary to pin the top to keep it from sliding.
  • Tie or crimp electra-lock to insulators, or corner rods and roll wire to other end using electra-lock wire dispenser.
  • Pull wire until it begins to stand up at a 45 degree angle and tie or crimp wire to end.
  • Go to center of fence and install in-line strainers and tighten (notice crimps in wire and do not pull too tight to straighten them) this gives the wire tension spring and lets it return to it's normal state if a tree or anything falls on fence.
  • Install line post. fiberglass posts of 1" can be placed at 40-50' depending on terrain. 4" wood posts may be spaced at 30-40' apart. steel t-posts should be spaced 25' apart. insulators should be installed on wood and steel posts.
  • Pull post should be used every 660' to start a new roll. eyebolts and fiberglass rod optional.
  • Clip wire to posts using insulators or cotter pins.
  • Install energizer and make sure it is grounded properly (entire fence will be energized).